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tv   ABC7 News 600AM  ABC  January 16, 2013 6:00am-7:00am PST

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inland with the poorest air quality also with 54 to 57 around 4:00 and now mid-to-upper 30's at 7:00 and low 50's at 4:00 on the coast. >> if you have a smartphone, check out sunnyvale with an accident at 237 and 101. there is no slowing but it is in the right hand lane. no delays so far. north 101 at old oakland road we have another accident moved to the right-hand shoulder. it is a little bit slow beyond the seen as they move that from lane two to the right-hand shoulder. elsewhere we have a problem northbound 880 on the shoulder now cleared so that accident is looking good through fremont and
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getting busy on the east shore freeway moving to richmond and to the berkeley area and macarthur maze. kristen and eric? >> we follow breaking news from london where a helicopter crash in the middle of the city killed two people and injured 13. the two dead, one the pilot, the other is someone on the ground, it happened during the morning rush hour at midnight our time. the helicopter hit a crane on top of a high-rise building. they are working to secure the crane. there is no immediate danger of collapse. no word on the exact cause. it could take months to sort out. there are low clouds and fog. authorities say it was shrouding the tower. the pilot was diverting a landing because of bad weather and that terrorism does not appear to be likely. >> now, japan has grounded the entire fleet of boeing 787 dreamliner jets following an
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emergency landing. abc 15 news reporter is live at san jose international airport with the big impact in the bay area. amy? >> flights to and from tokyo have been canceled raising questions of what will happen to the people who are stranded would need to get home including former transportation secretary norm mineta who left on a boeing 787 dreamliner and left on saturday. a boeing 787 dreamliner made an emergency landing in western japan because of battery problems on board. it was considered a serious incident that could have caused an accident. this is been other problems on other boeing 787 dreamliners so two airliners decided to ground them days after san jose celebrated the dreamliner in the inaugural flight from san jose to japan. officials were very excited of
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the potential boost to the economy. four flights have left san jose if japan since friday. now flights have been canceled. the status for the passengers is to be determineed. mineta said he needed to get back on saturday in time for president obama's inauguration. the f.a.a. is now inspecting the new 787's. >> president obama this morning will reveal new gun proposals in the wake of the sandy hook elementary school making the announcement before 9:00 our time, and he will be joined by children who wrote letters. we will find out exactly what the president proposes and how his daughters are part of the debate. developing news from san jose where police are senatorring for
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a man who reportedly tried to pull a toddler from her mother's arms as mom stood in front of the home at 5:30 last night on dayo court. the mother said the stranger made a comment about the toddler and that made her uncomfortable so she picked up the child and the man grabbed the girl's legs and tried to put her arm. mom broke free and called police. the suspect is described as hispanic, 20 to 30, wearing a red baseball cap, blue jeans and a white or light t-shirt with yellow stripes. the mother said he smelled of motor oil. >> san francisco police have released a picture of the man suspected of killing a dog during a robbery. 35-year-old laurice barrett stole money from a woman in san francisco's tenderloin on december 28 and weapon the dog started blocking from the car, police say he snatched the dog and through it into the oncoming traffic and her 12-year-old dog died. there is $3,000 reward if anyone who tracks down laurice barrett.
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>> california farmers will have to wait to fine out if the recent cold snap did any major damage to their crops. freezing temperatures can endanger everything from green vegetables to citrus fruit. mandarin orange crops have been damaged. fires have been set and they are running wind machines to raise the tomorrow as few degrees and that can make all the difference between a profitable harvest and losing millions. >> food trucks are staying put in mountain view. the city council discussed the possible been on food trucks at the meeting last night and the city's central business association in downtown committee are driving the effort with food trucks unfair advantage against brick and mortar restaurants. several council members appeared unswayed. some say they are open to other restrictions. the city council is likely to grant an ordinance at a later date.
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>> shocking and weather are next on the abc7 morning news. here is a live look at the bridge big with nothing to slow down the commute the it is crystal clear but still cold. the warm up is coming you have to be patient -- with apple stock prices on the down
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>> temperatures are close if not a few degrees warmther than yesterday, we are still in the 20 and 30's inland with antioch at 35 and 30 in los gatos and 33 at san jose and 35 in oakland. mid-50's to near 60 this afternoon. we will have hazy sunshine. it is a "spare the air" day and possibly tomorrow and even into the weekend as the stagnant air mass brings us low-to-mid 60's. sue? >> good morning, everyone. "spare the air" day, a guy day to take mass transit. everyone is on time. our app shows san jose has an accident at old oakland road. you can see 101 northbound is slowing because of this. it is blocking the right lane. if you like to navigate your commute download this at apple
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app and google play. another accident west 237 at 101 in sunnyvale area. and the bay bridge toll plaza has traffic backing up to the first overcrossing. >> trading is underway in 20 minutes and all eyes are on apple after the company stock closed below $500. apple stock closed down $16 yesterday to under $486 more than 3 percent of the total value in a day. wall street analysts say the pressure is on the cupertino company when they release latest earnings january 23, and we will check how the shares doing this morning coming up in the next half hour. do not forget in september the shares went up to $700 so it has lost $200 billion in market
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capital since then. >> champagne, burritos, a restaurant chain is betting some customers will include this in part of the wedding. >> and a new attack ad from the nr
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>> novato, oakland, and sunnyvale and all the bay area this is abc7 news. >> 6:15. it is not uncommon to have calm conditions in the morning which we have. we have wind in san jose, just a bit at three miles per hour.
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six at napa and nine at half moon bay but the calm conditions in the afternoon hours because of the huge area of high pressure, omega block high is the reason why we will have a "spare the air" day with hazy sunshine and poor air quality. we are in the 50's by noon and mid-to-upper 50's in the afternoon hours. enjoyment warmth. kristen? >> happening now firefighters are trying to rescue a woman caught between two buildings. this is a live picture of the firefighters from portland, oregon. this started after 4:00 this morning, the woman was seen smoking and a passerby heard a scream and found the woman fell into the tight space between this building and anotherredding and you can see they are working on it shining a light on-the-spot. they have tried a rope rescue and are trying to cut through the wall. the woman is alert and not seriously injured. but it is scary.
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>> president obama will formally unveil new gun control policy proposals in the wake of the school tragedy in connecticut a month ago. live in washington with a look at what the president is likely to proposal and who is expected to fight him. i can think of three initials. >> three initials, indeed: n.r.a. the preliminary to curb gun violence is being melt -- met with enormous opposition from the n.r.a. who did not wait for the announcement. the gun lobby launched a strike releasing a provocative video attacking the president's character. >> just another elite it hypocrite pointing out that his children have armed protection in school and asks, why is he skeptical of putting arm security in our schools? >> president obama will have to overcome n.r.a. opposition and convince congress to pass the measures to curb gun violence when he unveils the proposals today he will do so franked --
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flanked by children who are concerned. he will call on congress to ban military astyle assault weapons and limit the number of bullets allowed and require background checks on every gun purchase and will also take action without congress by executive order. new york state acted before the federal government putting in place the toughest gun criminal laws in the nation. >> this is a comprehensive bill that addresses the full spectrum of issues. >> the new york law blocks mentally ill patients from buying weapons and require mental health professionals to report any patient deemed "significant risk or threat." victims of mass shootings want something similar done national ly. amen tale -- do we want mentally ill people with guns in come on. >> attorney general ed meese
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raised the possibility of impeaching president obama if the gun proposals go too far. reporting live in washington for abc7 news. eric? >> thank you. >> this is the day we are going to warm up. mike, it is slow this morning. >> slow yesterday. slow tomorrow and overnight. we are getting less than ten hours of sunshine so we get how many hours of night? 14 hours. there is an imbalance that is why the overnight hours are frosty. they will be frosty inland we talked about that. we have clear conditions and you can see how calm the embarcardero is. live doppler 7 hd shows no need for wet weather gear. you can see how dry it is with not a cloud found or a radar return found. now, the temperatures, 35 in antioch county the warm spot.
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everyone else was subfreezing with freezing temperatures on the peninsula, 31 in redwood city and i tweeted the coolest temperatures by region, campbell is at 29 degrees in the south bay. now we have temperatures in the mid-to-upper 30's until gilroy at 29. hazy sunshine, milder than yesterday, poor air possible all week because the pattern will not change and we do not have rain in the forecast through wednesday compared to 24 hours ago we are a degree warmer in oakland and san francisco is at 53 and san jose and fremont and concord, five, six, and seven degrees warmer than yesterday. we will have 56 in antioch and fairfield and santa rosa and fremont at 60 for the warmer
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temperatures. we will have upper 50's to low 60's inland so maybe a degree or two warmer. tonight, frost is possible. there will be low to upper 30's inland and south bay and half moon bay at mid-40's. the last ten hours show the high pressure not moving at all. it will hang around. we will slowly get the moderating air mass. because of the high pressure we have a offshore so the pollution will be a problem the next few days as the warming trend conditions. >> we will hit the 60's everywhere tomorrow, low-to-mid 60's, with warmest days friday, saturday, and monday, and sunday and tuesday not too bad with the low 60's. >> a new accident with injuries eastbound 580 at grant and it is the reverse commute but there is
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slowing westbound direction because of rubbernecking and the normal slow commute over the altamont pass. it picks up in the dublin/pleasanton area. we have an accident west 237 at 101 with slow traffic in the eastbound direction and westbound it is on the right hand shoulder so we may have rubberneckers eastbound at 101 in sunnyvale. our abc7 exclusive traffic app in san jose north 101 before old oakland road an accident is cleared to the shoulder and you can see by the yellow and orange line traffic is heavy from 280 at san jose the you can download this free app at or the apple app and google play. speaking of san jose and 280 northbound direction beyond highway 17, it is light but busier than most of the morning
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where in problems getting your way into cupertino. >> 6:22. we have a new list of the most popular names for newborns on the peninsula. what not to name your baby, in other words. >> a popular fast
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>> welcome back, we have not had snow and we are seeing snow pack
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113 percent of normal for the day but we need a lost snow to be normal the entire year through april 1. if you are headed up that way you can see live doppler 7 hd quiet across the entire state and temperatures in the mid-to-upper 40's so you will be on the groomed snow. mid-50's through upper valle and warmth down south, mid-to-upper 60's. >> the popular burritos are available for the next big party, the fast casual food change will add catering service in colorado on monday and roll out the service nationwide in the coming months. they were offering burritos by the box for small orders but the catering is for 200 people. expect a lot of olivia and alexanders in kindergarten after the most popular baby maims for
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-- names in the county, with olivia and isabella and ella, and boys, alexander and edhan tied for first, and andrew, daniel and lucas. more than 5,500 new babies were born in san mateo county in 2012. >> 49ers fever kicking into high gear. these faithful predict they will go all the way. we have pictures here, look the at guy wearing the super bowl ring hat and denise is gearing up for a playoff party with the homemade 49 cookies and check out this dog decked out in the 49er hoodie. you can e-mail the fan foes to and we will post them at abc7 and we may show them on the air, the dog with the hoodie. >> love that.
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>> still ahead at 6:30, a former south carolina governor who went before cameras more than three years ago, and confessed the extramarital affair and this morning mark sanford is plotting the political come back. >> first we are continuing to follow breaking news from london a helicopter crashes into a crane and slammed into the ground. the latest on the flames, the wreckage and the victims. >> if san jose police are investigating an attempted kidnapping. a mom has a tug of war with a stranger in order to
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live from the kgo broadcast center this is abc7 news. >> good wednesday morning at 6:29. starting our day the sun is about to rise. come on. come on.
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come on. almost up! it will be warmer. we promise. thanks for joining us, i am kristen sze. >> i am eric thomas. i join mike predicting the sun will rise. in the east. >> and then all will be happy but for the possibility of poor air quality in between. first, a look at live doppler 7 hd showing it is dry. no clouds. no rain drops. we have frost with temperatures in low to upper 30's. by noon, low-to-mid 50's. poor quality inland. we start frosty at 26 to 36 hanging out in the mid-to-upper 50's in the afternoon. headed to the coast we are in the mid-to-upper 30's and near 50 at noon with a light breeze and slow warming trend and the mid-50's by the afternoon hours.
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>> and updatingness on this accident on 580 westbound, you will find very slow traffic from the central valley and all the way from altamont pass to the dublin/pleasanton at 30 minutes from altamont pass to 680 and 580. partin necessary at -- martinez at pine, a solo spinout. north 101 at oakland road an accident with traffic backed toward 280 in san jose. the bay bridge metering lights are on with sluggish traffic headed into the city. >> developing news from south bay. the search continues for a man would tried to abduct a toddler from a mother's arms. abc7 joins us live from san jose police headquarters.
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>> incredible. the toddler is going to be fine but the mom still shaken up, police are investigating, the mother of the 2-year-old had a tug of war with the suspect in order to save her child. police say the 2-year-old was playing in the front yard of her home on dayo court in east san jose with toys still in the front yard. mom says a man came up to her daughter where she was playing, made a comment to the child and we do not know what the comment was but it made the mother uncomfortable so she picked up the daughter and the stranger grabbed at the girl and tried to pull her away. there was a struggle. the mother pulled her daughter free and ran into the house and called 9-1-1 and the mom says the man ran down the drive and a senator of the area has turned up nothing. the suspect is described as
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hispanic male 20 to 30, wearing red ball cap and blue jeans. the per told police that the man smelled like motor oil. the dad says that the girl was not hurt but police hope that anyone with information on the case will call them right away. >> now we have breaking news from london where a helicopter crashed in to a crane on a high-rise building in the heart of the city. the crash killed two people including the pilot and one on the ground. think others are injured. happened during the morning rush hour. 80 firefighters are working to put out the flames. crews are trying to secure the train on top of the high-rise. no word on the cause. the bbc is reporting the helicopter pilot was diverting the landing because of bad
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weather because of the clouds. travelers flying from tokyo to san jose need to make other plans after all flights were canceled after grounding the entire fleet of boeing 787 dreamliners. battery failure and the smell of smoke in the cabin forced a plane to make an emergency landing after 3:00 p.m. pacific time yesterday after weeks of problems with the boeing 787 dreamliner including fires and fuel leaks. japan airlines grounded the deplete of dreamliners which are scheduled for safety checks. the grounding is voluntary. >> governor brown is scheduled to attend the uc board of regents meeting in san francisco and will talk about the priorities he wants to see in the system. the "los angeles times" reports he. push for more teaching and less research at the campuses and the governor also wants more online courses to save money and increase class offering. in the budget proposal last
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week, he increased money for both the uc and california state systems by $250 million each. >> oakland public safety commission has voted to recommend a contract to hire a police consultant. the commission meeting drew a huge crowd and many people were angry over the mention of former los angeles and new york police chief as the consultant. he favors the stop-and-frisk technique where police stop anyone who is suspicious. some call that another form of racial profiling. oakland police chief jordan says there is more to him that stop and frisk. >> part of the success in new york and los angeles was based on community partnership. that is something we are in support of. >> the safety commission did not specifically recommend the consultant with the position paying $250,000 a year. the mayor says oakland is in ongoing state of emergency but the mayor is thousands of miles
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away. according to the "san francisco chronicle" the mayor is in washington, dc, to attend the president obama's inauguration. while there she will make an appearance at conference of mayors look with san francisco mayor. a spokesman said the mayor will meet with officials to explore how oakland can get help on the crime problem. >> 17-year-old boy escaped juvenile detention center in contra costa and residents near the facility near the buy's ranch are told to look out for the teen who has brown hair and brown eyes and stands 6' tall and weighs 165 pounds. >> police say a broken streetlight could have been a factor in a crash involving a truck and two children riding their bicycles. we were over the scene moments after the accident yesterday evening. the children went to the hospital and are expected to be
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okay. the truck driver was cooperating with police and has not been charged. >> traffic and weather together are next on the abc7 morning news and a live look at the embarcardero looking good there and the sun hopefully will be rising soon. >> i guarantee. i guarantee that. >> we will put good money on that with mike nicco with the accweather forecast and sue hall will have traffic. >> political come back, the former south carolina governor who confessed to having an argentina mistress on national television wants to relaunch his
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>> all right, welcome back, the big story, "spare the air" and the poor air quality. you cannot burn wood.
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the "spare the air" is in the north bay valley but you cannot burn wood because we are all under that. 30's around the bay shore and 40's into san francisco. mid-to-upper 50's today and probably 60 in palo alto and santa cruz and santa rosa and low 60's tomorrow, low-to-mid 60's for friday and saturday. sue? >> good morning, everyone. "spare the air" so take mass transit. remember when it was free? not now. but it is on time. we have an injury accident blocking a lane of traffic so bart is a good way to avoid the jam up avoiding the altamont pass. and south 880, an accident is blocked and old oakland road the accident is cleared but slow traffic northbound from 280 toward 237 old oakland road area. we have a live look at san
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rafael, getting busy but still a nice drive to central marin. >> former republican south carolina governor sanford says he is running if conditioning. he made headlines when he told the staff he was hiking the appalachian trail and he was in argentina with his mistress and he escaped being censored but did not run again. the primary is march 19 and he will marry the mistress and now fiance some time this summer. >> new this morning, everyone has a new list for the best countries to work for with a bay area company at the top of the list. >> and investors are closely watching apple with the dow down 57 points. we will go
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>> novato, oakland, sunnyvale and all the bay area this is abc7 news. >> sometime for the travel forecast. live doppler 7 hd shows nevada, arizona, utah, oregon, washington, all under the same influence of the high pressure. all dry. with a slow warming trend. we have a lot of snow in the sierras but in fresh powder. today we have mid-to-upper 50's through the central valley. headed to the south, mid-to-upper 60's. safe travels. kristen and eric? >> no kangaroos and
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charlie sheen and that is what we call a wednesday. >> there is no worry we will need the five second delay with charlie becoming a grandfather, right? >> we talk about that and him actually gracing us on the big screen again and i was stunned, stunned, charlie sheen has gone two generations deep. >> josh, thanks. tell scotty he is buying the drinks. >> it's on you, scotty.
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>> new this morning in the last two hours, fortune magazine released the best companies to work for. no surprise, silicon valley tech giant is number one: google mountain view based google is at the top of the list for the fourth straight year. business company is number two, and chg element -- chg health care is third. pay and perks are among the factors. >> investors are watching apple after shares dropped to below $500 yesterday. >> and president obama is ready to announce new gun control efforts. jane king joins us from the new york stock exchange. i am sure bloomberg is on the list for the best companies to work for, as well. >> good morning. we are watching this show of the gun makers, with shares of smith
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and wesson have fallen since the school massacre in connecticut and they could come under additional pressure as president obama unveiled the assault weapons been. what is not mixed is boeing 787 dreamliner shares, losing a a lot of altitude because of the problems with the boeing 787 dreamliner. speaking of problems, apple shares are recovering this morning after getting slammed yesterday over competition from droid and iphone sales. lower across the board with talk of the debt ceiling debate. 10 not even a month before we can talk about that. and the silicon valley index is trading higher. would you like a twitter handle mono gram, that is what retailers are focusing on trying
6:48 am
to get consumers back out of discount mode and spending again letting them put together their own trench coat and nordstrom trying to lure customers with special underwear. live at the new york stock exchange i am jane king for bloomberg news. >> this is a family program! we got confirmation that president obama will make his gun control proposal this morning at 9:00 our time and we got word from abc news they will have a special report to bring that to you at 8:55 this morning our time so you will want to keep ituned here this morning to abc7 because we will be having the special report as rebound unveiled the gun control proposal. >> another reason to keep ituned right here the accuweather forecast. here is mike.
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>> we are looking from the east bay hills across the hills to the valleys and you can see the haze developing already. one of the reasons we have a "spare the air" because the high pressure air sinks and caps the atmosphere and the air is not venting into the central valley so we will have poor air quality for the week, probably. live doppler 7 hd shows it is dry. you can see on the picture, in clouds here, no radar run, good time to wash the car. a couple of people are taking advantage of it but get the doorjambs if you do it late. you do not want anything to freeze on the doorjambs. the mornings are slower to warm up than the afternoon. 42 in san francisco and 43 at half moon bay, those are the warm spots and everyone else is in the 20's and 30's inland. hazy sunshine, milder temperatures today, poor air is possible all week as the stagnant air pattern is around through at least next wednesday
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and the next chance of rain is late next week. we finally back where we should be, and livermore and oakland is 58 and 59 and two degrees from your average and warmer and redwood city is 59 and napa is 57 and san francisco and san jose is 59 and one degree short. temperatures are 60 in fremont and palo alto, the warmest spot and fairfield is 56. gilroy shows freezing temperatures with scattered profit and no frost around the bay shore and to the coast so mid-30's to around 40 and san francisco is the warm spot at 43 degrees. the last 10 years -- hours, will the high pressure move? probably not. just a little bit but not a great deal so you can see the air mass is modified and we have the high pressure offshore wind so it will be a problem for
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pollution all the way through possibly the weekend and it is the offshore wind that will warm us into the low-to-mid 50's for friday, saturday, and monday. have a great day. >> "spare the air" day and take mass transit becausen is on time. a couple of problem spots 880, you will find slow traffic through hayward to fremont and a new accident with slow traffic headed to 237 westbound to sunnyvale area. and our abc7 app shows slow north 101. you can see on the app the traffic is backed to tully and it is a grind. you can download this free app at apple app and google play. the bay bridge is light. no problems here.
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with metering lights on. sluggish on the upper deck. kristen and eric? >> ahead, five thins
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>> as we are read to hand things off to "good morning america" five things to know before you go. san jose police are investigating an attempted kidnapping after a man tried to pull a toddler from her mother's arms. the mother said the stranger grabbed the girl's legged and tried to pull her away. the mother was able to break free and call police. >> number two, two japanese airlines have voluntarily grounded their entire fleet of boeing 787 dreamliners amid safety concerns. emergency landing in japan led to the grounding following a week of problems with the new jet. the flights in and out of san jose are canceled and japan airlines is canceling boeing 787
6:54 am
dreamliners. >> governor ground will attend the uc board of regents meeting and will set new priorities pushing for more teaching and less research at uc campuses. he wants more online courses to save money and increase class offerings. apresident obama will announce the proposal to reduce gun violence in two hours and is expected to call for a renewal of the assault weapons ban, stop the sale of high capacity magazines, and other measures. you can watch the remarks at abc news special report at 8:55. >> we are under a winter "spare the air" alert, the fourth of the season, bay area air quality officials predict high pollution with cold stagnant air trapping smoke and other particulates near the ground. do not burn wood in fireplaces, wood stores or outside. actually, the people are ordered not to do that. >> unless you want to give them your money.
6:55 am
>> you can bun, just give me your money. there is a "spare the air" today and probably for the rest of the week so keep it here and we will keep you advised. we will still have cool morningings because we just have dry air, no wind, and the air mass is not modifying much because the daylight is too short. north bay has forced air quality but everyone is under the umbrella and mid-50's at the coast, mid-50's to low 60's for the rest of us. enjoy the sunshine. >> metering lights are on and traffic is stacked up to the macarthur maze and it is sluggish at 25 to 30 miles per hour on the upper deck and a couple of problem spots out there with a new accident southbound 680 traffic is backing toward pleasanton. west 237, another accident, which is cleared and we have had several accidents there and good news is they are all cleared to the shoulder but the bad news is slow traffic remains. the busy drive times headed out
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at 6:56. >> thank you for joining us. captioned by, closed captioning services, inc.
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good morning, america. breaking news, massive ball of flames. a helicopter collides with a crane in the fog, at the height of london's morning rush hour, crashing into the city center, an inferno shooting into the air. victims rescued from cars below. the crane still hanging dangerously. two dead, dozens injured. we're live at the scene. and happening now, an icy, snowy mess snarling the morning commute for millions across the northeast. roads are sheets of ice. with heavy snow falling from pennsylvania to boston. the storm already leaving a mess from dallas to nashville. sam is on it. also breaking overnight, dreamliner emergency. a new crisis onboard a boeing 787. another flight forced to land in japan from a burning smell in the cabin. passengers videotape the urgent evacuation as dozens make their way down the slides. and protecting america's most famous reality star. why honey boo boo's mother is banning a family friend from


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